Twisty Nail Side Rail Anchor 7/8″ Bally-Williams-Stern-Gottlieb-Chicago Coin

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Twisty Nail, used to attach side rails on all brands of pins.

These DO NOT have a high polish finish.(see photo gallery) as they have tarnished, with time.

If you want the nail head shiny, you will have to buff them.

This lot measures  7/8″

I find it too long for Bally-Stern-Williams, but is Ok for Gottlieb.

It can be used on Bally-Stern & Williams, just snip 1/8″ off the pointy end with a pair of side cutters prior to inserting.

I always cover it in white wood glue, then insert.

Gottlieb: FA-701


Additional information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions2 × .05 × .05 cm


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