Star Trek The Next Generation Backglass 1993 Williams

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Brilliant “translate to backglass” for the 1993 Williams Star Trek-the Next Generation pinball.

Genuine tempered glass (art converted from the translite).

Please see the photo gallery for identification of mirrored areas, and production notes. This translite conversion allows STTNG owners to mod their machine to a classic mirrored backglass look, as if STTNG had a backglass from the beginning.

As with all our previous Translite-To-Backglass projects, make sure you are clear on the major differences in design & appearance, as compared to the original translite, before making a purchase. The translite was a double-sided RGB paper print. This backglass is direct ink print on glass. The special enamels we use on the backside of the glass have been developed (in a single-sided print) to hold their density when backlit. In order to do this, the algorithm for the print infers final gamma into the layout. Thus unlit, the glass looks slightly “dark and oversaturated” (see unlit photo) and may shock newcomers. Once backlit in the backbox, the glass glows at all intended final colors and tones. (See backlit photos). This is because the gamma (glow/backlight) is “built into” the artwork density. LEDs are even better ! The looks are somewhat different – as this product is NOT meant to “match” a STTNG translite, but rather replace it.

This can be purchased ready to hang, in a custom polished aluminum frame, if your wanting it for the wall of your mancave:) (found under Gameroom Novelties)

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