Spring Flipper Plunger Return Pop Bumper General Solenoid-Data East-Stern-Bally-Gottlieb-Williams

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This is a general replacement spring for many solenoid assemblies.(10-326+)

It’s a perfect sub for any other flipper plunger return spring application, calling for the non-tapered.

It is a bit beefier than the 10-135, so I don’t recommend it on the earlier lower voltage Williams flipper coils, use the 10-135.

This can be used on any brand of pop bumper, and general solenoid as a plunger return spring.


Gottlieb: 21643

Old Stern: 5A-175 & 5A-164

Data East: 266-5009-00

Williams: 10-326+

Bally: SP200-105


Additional information

Weight.001 kg
Dimensions5 × 1 × 1 cm


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