Pinbot Playfield 1986 Williams CPR Bronze

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Here is a Bronze rated Pinbot CPR replacement playfield.

Silkscreened onto 5/8″ marine grade plywood.

CPR rates their finished playfields “Gold, Silver, or Bronze”

A gold rating is flawless, silver will have flaws, and bronze will the greatest amount of flaws.

The price points declines, with the grading.

So, this is not flawless; if your looking for that, you need to find and purchase a “Gold” rate playfield.

The pictures attached in the photo galley, will highlight the flaws. Most of the flaws are blurry words over some of the lamp lenses, as pictured.

Also of note is the slight WOW from end to end, as pictured. This is a normal occurrence, and it will flatten out once the side rails and hardware are added.

By viewing the photo gallery you should be able to determine if this example will work for you. If you have doubts, please call to discuss, or ask for more photos prior to purchasing.

I personally have done over 25 playfield swaps, and would not hesitate for a moment to install this beauty in place of a worn out 33 year old original.

I will no longer refund the cost of return shipping on playfields. So, again, complete your due diligence, and make sure it works for your application prior to purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE: Playfields, Due to their size, and shape, ship in their own package. This is to avoid damage to the playfield!

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 112 × 56 × 8 cm


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