Nyliner Flipper Plunger Glide Bushing 5/16″ OD Bally Linear 80-88 +

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This “Nyliner” acts as a guide bushing for the plunger on the Bally/Midway Linear Flipper assemblies.

It has a 5/16″ OD.

Used from 1980 Rolling Stones to 1988 Truck Stop (upper flippers only).

This is often missing. or just plain worn out.

If your doing a flipper rebuild, change them.

This 5/16″ size is also found on drop target assemblies, and in many brands, such as Data East, and Williams.

Note: Color may vary.

Bally: C-537-8

William: 20-8790-2

Data East: 545-5485-00

Midway: 0017-00042-0418


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Weight.001 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × .01 cm


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