LED Bulb Comet 2-SMD Intense Brightness Frosted Wedge (#555)

$1.19 CAD



Comet intense brightness 2 SMD (Surface Mound Diode) Frosted top.

These are the bulbs used by Stern in TWD, Star Trek, AC/DC, and Metallica.

20% brighter than the standard 5050 bulb.

Comet calls “Cool White-Natural White”, same bulb; pure white, no reddish, or orange hue.

These Bulbs are made with an 11mm diameter…Narrow enough for Gottlieb, and other Narrow Hole GI Applications.

Brightest illumination for the cost!

6.3V AC/DC and engineered for stable, maximum lighting and longevity.

Wedge style (same as the old #555)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Blue, Cool White, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


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