LED 7-Digit Williams Data East System 11 Display Set Semi Alphanumeric

$289.98 CAD

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Replacement Wolffpac 7-digit partial alphanumeric player display set.

This is a drop in replacement for some Williams, and Data East system 11 titles.

Offered in original orange only, at this time.

The upper 2 displays are alpha-numeric.

The lower two, and ball in play/credit display are numeric.

All display sets are built here, and tested operational, prior to shipping.

This set fits the following titles:

Grand Lizard, High Speed, Road Kings, Pinbot, and Data East’s first title Laser War.

When installing new LED replacements, remember to remove the high voltage fuse on your power supply!

Additional information

Weight .80 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 12 cm


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