Actuator Cap Flipper End of Stroke–Data East (1987-89)-(1993-94) Sega (1994-95)

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Data East flipper assembly neoprene red end of stroke switch actuator cap.

Found on early Data East from Laser War(87) to Monday Night Football(89) when they were using the “High Current” End of Stroke (ESO) switch.

Not needed on Phantom of the Opera(1990) to Rocky & Bullwinkle (1992) as they changed over to the fliptronic system; and for a bit had no EOS switch.

Data East re-installed a “Low Current” flipper End of Stroke (EOS) starting in 1993 with Jurassic Park until the end of production, which once again required this actuator cap.

Sega used this actuator cap on 3 pins Maverick, Frankenstein, & Baywatch.

Rebuilding a Data East, or early Sega flipper assembly? These are always either missing, or worn out.


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