Coil Retaining Bracket Yoke Stop for Pop Bumper Assembly-Used-Bally-Williams-Data East-Stern-Sega

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This Is the Coil stop bracket found on the Pop Bumper assembly.(See Photo Gallery)

It truly does serve two purposes, as a coil stop bracket, and the Pop Bumper yoke retaining bracket.

The screw mounting holes are 3/8″ on center. This is your fit measurement!

Fits: William-Bally-Data East-Sega-Stern (Both early and new)

These are older, and made from stronger metal, than what you find on todays pins.

Does not fit Gottlieb.(Screw mount holes are 5/8″ on center)

These are most likely used, but they have been cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner, and fully functional.

Williams: 01-1747–1A-1747

Bally: 01-9319

Stern (old): 1A-123

Data East / Sega / New Stern: 535-5277-00 & 535-7347-00

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Dimensions2 × 2 × 1.5 cm


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