Big Game Pinball – Stern 1980 Serial #3280

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Big Game pinball, produced by Stern in 1980.

Serial #3280.

This is a widebody measuring 25-1/2″ wide, and 54″ tall.

This was the first Widebody game from Stern, although the playfield design was much narrower than the standard Widebody pinballs of the period. The typical playfield of such a game was almost 29″ wide. This was only 24″.

It was also the first electronic game to use 7-digit score displays. To advertise this, all four score displays simultaneously animate the numbers “1234567” during Game Over mode, followed by flashing “7777777” for three seconds, repeating it again after displaying high scores. There are no added sounds during this animation.

As it now sits, it is in exceptional overall condition.

The double flippers are designed so the ball cannot drain between them.

Designed by Harry Williams.

The asking price is based on the pin being refurbished to “Collectors Quality” condition.

The photos in the gallery at present, show the pin in it’s current condition.

Major work that will be done on this unit as follows:

Cabinet will have minor paint touch-ups done, then it will be receive 4 passes of acrylic enamel clear coat which will give in the wet shine look; and protect it against light scratches.

All the cabinet metal will be sandblasted, and powder coated; I’m thinking gloss black on this pin, but if your ordering, choose your own color.

The playfield will be stripped bare, cleaned, minor touch-ups completed, then receive 4 layers of 2-part automotive clear coat. Then it will be protected from wear for life.

All the electronics will be updated, and many old connectors, and capacitors changed, so the unit is reliable. The lamp driver will be changed to a new Alltek, so it can run the new LED bulbs, without ghosting. I will add my custom remote mounted 3-bridge rectifier board, next to the power supply. In the future, if a bridge fails, this allows for easy replacement, no soldering required.

All playfield metal parts, such as posts, will be polished in a tumbler with a special medium, for over 1 week; end result, they will look new.

All mechanical components will be disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt to original specifications.

The player score displays will be changed to the new LED type, making the high voltage generating circuit obsolete, greatly improving reliability.

All #47 & #555 bulbs will be changed to color matching 2-SMD frosted, high intensity Comet brand. All back box bulbs will usually be cool AKA natural white. Likewise, most all playfield General Illumination (GI) will also be Cool White. Unlike Warm White, which has a red hue, cool white is pure white, and will illuminate the playfield much better.

A new sheet of tempered playfield glass will be installed.

The current backglass rates a 9.5 and will remain, but it will be cleaned, and sealed with 4 passes of acrylic enamel clear coat to prevent any future degradation

Basically, 2-steps you read about under “The Restoration Process”, (which is broken down into 3-parts) Board Sets, & Playfield will be applied to this pin. As stated above the original cabinet paint job will receive minor touch-ups, then sealed with 4 layers of acrylic enamel clear coat.

Notable Features: Flippers (4), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Star rollovers (5), 3-bank drop targets (3), Spinning targets (2), Stand-up targets (2), Kick-out hole (1).

Production: 2,713 units

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

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All pricing is subject to change, due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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    • All pcb boards in your new pinball will be marked with tamper proof identifiers. Any indication of removal will void this warranty.
    • This warranty does not cover any part of the marine grade plywood playfield; such as delamination, or lamp insert separation, also referred to as ghosting.
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