Bally/Midway/Stern Tabletop Retrofit LED Monitor Mounting Bracket Set-New

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I made these to deal with mounting new LED computer monitors into the old Bally &/or Stern tabletop cabinets.

I ship them pre drilled, even though it may not show in the photos.

The brackets drop directly into the channel that held the old CRT mounting brackets.

You need cut a 16-1/2″ x 14-1/2″ mounting board for your monitor. The thickness of the board cut will depend on the depth of the monitor, as you would like the monitor to be within 1/2″ from the glass. In the past I have used 5/8″, and 3/8″.

Most LED monitors you purchase will come with the support stand attached. From the stand, remove the mount bracket (see photo’s in gallery); now find center on your cut board, place the bracket on center, and mark your drill holes for mounting your monitor to the support board. The board you will bolt to this bracket set at 4 points, once your monitor is mounted (see photos in gallery)

Depending on the thickness of your LED monitor, (once mounted to the support board) you may have to router 1/4″ off the wooden edge that these new brackets rest on. It’s a 1″ thick piece of plywood so you can easily shave off 1/4″

You will only have to do this if the top glass hits your new LED monitor plastic frame.

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