Bally Coin Door Skin-Front Entrance Panel-1972 to 1985 A-3444-Used-Discounted

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Here is a used Bally coin door skin.

Used from 1972 through to 1985.

This is functional, but has many dents, and dings; and a slight concave in the center.

As a result it is seriously discounted.

If you need a new one, they are offered here too.

I have these 2 used, and you can choose which one you want, (with or without decal) just LMK in the note section, during checkout.

In the “Gallery” the photos are displayed in order. The first 5 are the skin without the decal, last 6, with.

Bally: A-3444

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 29 × 2 cm


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