Starship Troopers Pinball – Sega 1997

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STARSHIP TROOPERS, produced by Sega in 1997.

Modelled on the hit Si-Fi movie of the same name, your objective is to clear all planets of bugs, and capture a brain bug alive; which pops up from below the playfield.

Super fast action, with 3, & 4-ball multi-ball.

Right side has a very unique “mini” flipper just above the main right flipper; that is activated with it’s own cabinet button.

Another unique feature, up to six players at a time.

This pin has had a 100% complete topside, and underside playfield restoration; as well as all board sets. The interior cabinet sides were repainted, and clear coated.

As described in the restoration process, it has received a 2-part process; playfield, and board sets, cabinet was just washed, and waxed, no repaint / decal.

Playfield has a cliffy protectors set installed on saucer and vuk holes.

Machine is sporting a custom powdercoat of safety orange, on legs, side rails, lock down bar, coin door frame, plunger housing, backbox fold down assembly, and two scoops inside the playfield. The backbox door and playfield backboard have been painted with a matching orange, and cleared.

This was a early 2-step restoration, so cabinet was left as is.

This pin does not show up for sale often, so if you have been searching for your Trooper fix, act fast!

This was completed many years back, (10) before I started removing all Mylar, and clear coating. Plus, before proper photo’s documenting restoration steps; and well before the large price run-ups.

In the gallery, I have tried to include some before and after photos.

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

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Dimensions 110 × 110 × 154 cm


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