Street Fighter 2 Pinball – Gottlieb 1993

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Street Fighter-2 pinball, produced by Gottlieb in 1993.

Modeled after the hit video game of the same name; you goal is to defeat all your opponents, and win the championship.

This pinball has received a 100% complete topside, and underside playfield rebuild. The playfield has a new upper spinning flipper motor and gearbox.

The board sets have all been upgraded; the nasty Gottlieb 5vdc logic power supply has been removed, and replaced with a standard arcade game switching power supply, for safety.

The inside of the cabinet sides have been smoothed, repainted, and clear coated.

The right side of the main cabinet is a decal that was installed only after the damaged cabinet was smoothed to perfection. The primary color, blue on the head has been repainted, again after all body work was completed.

The left side, and front of cabinet have received touch ups.

Fire engine red powder coating has been applied to the side rails, legs, lock down bar, & top glass dust bar.
On the playfield all vertical metal ramp, and bracket supports have been done in the same red.

Inside the cabinet, under the playfield you will see the speaker housing, & main power box, done in the same red.

This pin is featuring a brand new amber LED dot matrix pinscore display.

Street fighter-2 pinball, always a crowd pleaser.

Update: This was completed about 6-7 years ago. Again, prior to my new directive of removing all Mylar, and clear coating.

I added some before, and after images to the photo gallery.

OK I have another SF2 in stock, that will be restored. This time the Mylar will be removed, and the playfield clear coated.

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Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 154 cm


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