Road Kings Pinball – Williams 1986

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Road Kings pinball, produced by Williams in 1986.

Designed by Mark Ritchie.

Motorcycles, sci-fi theme, based on the Mad Max movie.

2-ball multiball pin with full speech, ramps, & drop target. This pin is often overlooked, as it was outgunned back in 1986 by other titles. It is a solid playing pin and will keep you wanting more.

It has received a full playfield & boardset rebuild; cabinet received minor bondo, and paint touch-ups.

Beat the Road King!

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

This was done about 8-10 years back (prior to the price run-up). At that time I was not removing Mylar and clear coating. I was just using the “Cut-Polish-Finish” 3-step re-finish process.

LOL was still using regular #47 bulbs.

Now, I always remove the Mylar and clear with 2-part automotive clear; as most of the time the Mylar is too far gone to truly bring back.

Plus, once the playfield is clear coated with the automotive finish, it will never, ever degrade from regular play.

This title had (and I’m sure many still have) a very serious design flaw on the underside that will allow solenoid voltage to pass into the switch matrix, which in turn took out transistors, and IC’s repeatedly.

Correcting it requires a zip saw, or hack saw.

The same issue can be found on some High Speeds, and all Grand Lizards; but was factory corrected on the Pinbot run.

Never, to this day did I find any info in the form of a factory update notice.

If you have a Grand Lizard, High Speed, or Road Kings that always shorts out the switch matrix, within 3-10 games of being repaired, give me a call!

Sorry, no Before photos, just After.

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