Genesis Pinball – Gottlieb 1986

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Genesis pinball, produced by Gottlieb in 1986.

This is a very unique, and obscure pin.

It has received a playfield, and electronics package restoration, as described in “the restoration process”.

The cabinet was left original, as found, except for the coin door, it was repainted, and cleared.

The playfield has been clear coated.

The playfield is featuring a set of custom made, NEW CLEAR ramps; (made in house here at Absolute Pinball)
as well as a plastic set, and led lamps. Most of these pins shipped with pink ramps, and some with blue.
They were made with a poor quality plastic, and as a result almost all Genesis pins have smashed ramps. The addition of new clear ramps really changes the look, and dynamic of the game, as now the ball can be seen in areas where before it could not.

The machine is based on the famous 1927 silent movie Metropolis. Your goal is to build the robot by completing Arms, Brains, Body, and Legs; then acheaving a difficult vari-target shot.

The robot is then revealed through a cutout in the playfield, with a wonderful light and sound show.

Pin features 2-ball multiball, 2-ramps, 4-pop bumpers, 2-flippers, 2-kickback targets, 1-vari-target, and is very fun to play!

I tried to add some before & after images into the Photo Gallery!

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

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Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 154 cm


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