1974 URL Video Action B&W Octagonal Arcade Tabletop Pong Table Tennis

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I don’t know much about this piece. From what I found online, it predates Pong.

It has a Motorola 12″ B&W monitor.

It powers up, coins up, and plays, but the horizontal is too wide to see the left right table edge.

The dial controllers are no longer sensing correctly, so they are not accurate.

One is missing completely, and as pictured one is missing the grip.

There is a double image of the paddles on the screen from time to time; but I’m not sure if this is in error, of has something to do with 4-paddle positions.

Table stands 25″ tall, and has a 30″ diameter.

The cabinet is covered with a padded vinyl, that looks original.

Here is a link to a internet Blog about this product.


I added a photo of a decal found in the unit, but not sure it’s from said unit.

It’s also missing the coin box.

This came my way as part of a bulk purchase, but not really my thing.

If anyone wants it, I will palletize, and package it for the journey, but arranging shipping is done on your end, I can assist.

If you have questions call. Thanks.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 90 cm


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