Posted: January 30, 2022

This Cyclone is receiving a 2-stage restoration, and what that entails is described under the “Repairs & Restoration” link, located at the top of the page.
The exterior and interior cabinet has received a detailed cleaning, along with the legs.
The coin door and frame had some former security bar mount holes filled with GB Weld.
The cabinet is not re-painted in a 2-stage restoration, just detailed, and touch ups, if required.
The original playfield was beyond repair, so a full swap to a new aftermarket CPR product is underway.
The backbox was addressed first. All the boards were examined, and critical aged components changed. All male connector strips had their solder re-flowed, and in a few cases of heat tarnish, or outright burn (see photos) they were replaced.
As in every restoration I do, the harness received a detailed cleaning, and tighten up, with new zip ties.
As usual, I found exposed wiring, (again photos) which always is a indicator as to where I need to examine the board for a bad circuit.
All PETG ramps and subways will be replaced with new on this pin.
The playfield side rails have been removed, cleaned, sanded, repainted, and then clear coated; as well as the backboard.
The small playfield metal, which includes machine screws rebound posts, wood screws, washers and such are tumbling in the polisher.
The larger playfield metal, such as lane rail guides, scoops, ramp stops, and so on will be sand blasted, and power coated a sky blue color.
Cabinet metal on this pin will not be colored.
The plastic posts were extremely dirty, and the grooves filled with a hardened polish medium, and they are also in a wash tumbler, so I can see them clean. They may all have to be replaced, not sure yet.
A new CPR playfield artwork plastic set will be installed.
All off the underside solenoid assemblies have been removed, cleaned, and rebuilt.
The underside of the playfield swap is near to completion, and the top will be repopulated, once the metal returns from being powder coated.

I contacted Devron to service and repair my 1977 STARS pinball machine, Devron was easy to contact and was waiting when I arrived. He is very knowledgeable and completed all the repairs he was asked to. Devron contacted me prior to making any extra repairs we didn't originally agree on, until he started to work on the machine and determine what was needed. The machine has been used every week since the last year and works excellent. Devron has a true passion for his work and I found the rates reasonable.
I was researching pinball machines when I found one of Canada's smartest techs and old school pinheads right here in Saskatoon. Devron's passion for this hobby goes well beyond just a business. He successfully coached me to fully repair and restore my first ever restoration, the magnificent Firepower. I also brought a fully restored Harlem Globetrotters and a unique Skateball for my next restoration. Devron helped me re-live my youth! All my buddies love coming over and we get old school for the night. Devron's service and support also allowed me to successfully take my new collection home to Australia and he continues to help me keep these great pieces of history alive even over such a great distance. You will not go wrong talking to Devron about your pinball or gaming machine needs!
Hello! I wanted to let you know I unpacked and set up Hurricane, and it is in beautiful condition, and working wonderfully! You did a magnificent job on the pallet/crate, and it arrived in great condition. It is currently set up in my living room, and playing it takes me back. Thanks! Pleasure doing business with you.
I was satisfied with Devron's services. His prices are reasonable and he is very knowledgeable. I bought a circus pinball machine from him two years ago. He has done an excellent job of refurbishing this machine. I can phone him anytime when I need questions answered or need to tweak my machine. He is always happy to help me. I would definitely buy another machine from him. I highly recommend him to others.
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I received my Space Invaders Pinball machine yesterday afternoon. It was very well crated and arrived without any damage! I have set the machine up and all works as it should. Thanks for coding the plugs, and providing the set-up manual. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.