Posted: November 7, 2021

Main cabinet is now in the paint booth, head is complete and being stuffed.

The power rectifier board has been rebuilt, and upgraded. You can see photos of very tarnished & fatigued fuse clips being changed out.

My standard remote mount 3-bridge rectifier upgrade can be viewed as well.

There are 10 twin star rollovers on this playfield. I have run into problems here before on other playfields.

Problem is, the new rollovers have the shaft diameter increase to soon for the inserts, and the rollover won’t travel correctly through the insert. If you experience this installing new rollovers, DO NOT try to back it out of the insert, you cannot without doing damage to the insert, then you have real problems.

Push the top side down, and snip the switch blade actuator tip off to remove.

If you examine the attached photos you will see what I mean with the side by side shots of new, and old.

To correct this issue, one must trim the shaft down to the same narrower diameter to match the original.

The chime box has been fully restored, with powder coated chimes, and mounting frames, as the were very burnt from overheated coils.

Coin door has been restored, and reassembled.

f you wish to see “Before” photos you will need to visit the old “absolute pinball-Facebook” site, and scroll back.

If you want to buy a pinball machine without the fear of inheriting someone else's problem – buy from Devron. He is meticulous in his restoration of machines and will never let anything go out the door unless it is 100%. I have seen the results of his work on many occasions and I am always amazed at the quality, and attention to detail. Many people and businesses claim that they have "shopped" their machines, but with Devron it’s the absolute truth. He goes through machines top to bottom, inside and out. I have plans to buy a couple more machines over the next few years, and I guarantee they will be from Devron. I just know that it will be done right.
I have been completely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and honest dedication to customer support that Devron Gibbon of Absolute Pinball has shown me.  His enthusiasm and respect for the art of pinball is readily evident in the quality and thoroughness of his restoration work.  Devron's willingness to answer questions and to assist a 'new to me' pinball machine has been remarkable - he honestly cares about his customers.

Thank you...thank you...thank you for the Galaxy pinball machine!!!! A couple of friends of mine set it up this past weekend and it's fantastic!!! Whoever packed it for shipment did an outstanding job!! We are having the best time playing it. In fact the first night it was set up, I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs at 2:00am and played a bunch of games.
I contacted Devron to service and repair my 1977 STARS pinball machine, Devron was easy to contact and was waiting when I arrived. He is very knowledgeable and completed all the repairs he was asked to. Devron contacted me prior to making any extra repairs we didn't originally agree on, until he started to work on the machine and determine what was needed. The machine has been used every week since the last year and works excellent. Devron has a true passion for his work and I found the rates reasonable.
I was researching pinball machines when I found one of Canada's smartest techs and old school pinheads right here in Saskatoon. Devron's passion for this hobby goes well beyond just a business. He successfully coached me to fully repair and restore my first ever restoration, the magnificent Firepower. I also brought a fully restored Harlem Globetrotters and a unique Skateball for my next restoration. Devron helped me re-live my youth! All my buddies love coming over and we get old school for the night. Devron's service and support also allowed me to successfully take my new collection home to Australia and he continues to help me keep these great pieces of history alive even over such a great distance. You will not go wrong talking to Devron about your pinball or gaming machine needs!