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Here is a tabletop version of the famous 60-in-1 arcade classics multicade.  In a effort to drop the mid 70's wooden wall panel look, this tabletop has been dolled up somewhat. It has received a blue wrap, and all the metal has been powder coated fire engine red. As standard in all my tables, the following parts are all new:
-Tempered top glass
-Graphics under top glass
-22" led monitor
-Steel, precision water cut control panels, then powder coated
-Joysticks, and buttons
-Power supply
-Wiring harness
-All metal parts sandblasted and power coated.(color, your choice)

As you can see all the inside has been gutted of all the useless holdover components, that most others leave in. As a result this cabinet is so light one man can carry it. The coin door is functional, so it can be used to earn coin. For home use I always ship them on free play, unless otherwise requested. You can expect to have hours and hours of fun with this machine.
This cabinet can be finished in any color you choose. If you want to save a few dollars, this unit can be purchased in the standard original woodgrain, or gloss black look (see 60-in-1 upright) for $1690.

Remember, all goods on this site are offered in Canadian dollars!

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