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The 619-in-1 is a super home arcade game system if you love playing games simultaneously. All the games within allow you to play single against the computer, or a friend can join in anytime, and you play each other. It contains most of the huge arcade hits from the mid 1980's to mid 1990's.
     The complete 7-page game list can be found in the photo section, to the left.Click on the photo to enlarge it.
     Like the 60-in-1, the only original components are the wooden cabinet, and coin door, all other components are sourced, or manufactured new. The control panel contains two joysticks, one for each player, and 6 buttons per player. Can be set for Free play, or coin operation.
Like the 60-in-1 this is a system cabinet, and extra game drawers can be purchased in the future. The cabinet is available in 4 stocked formica finishes, but it can also be customized to any color you choose, for a set fee.
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