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Here is a stunning translight to backglass reproduction for the amazing 1990 Williams Diner pinball.

Genuine tempered glass (art converted from the translite). Genuine 7-color CMYK & spot ink-silkscreened.  Please see the photo gallery for identification of mirrored areas.  This translite conversion allows Diner owners to mod their machine to a classic real-backglass look, as if Diner had a backglass from the beginning.

All CPR backglass reproductions are made with 3.2mm (1/8") tempered glass.

 Please Note:  This is NOT a "reproduction backglass" - it is a completely "new" Diner creation.
 It is not meant to be compared to the original translite.  Rather, it is meant to completely replace it.
  This is our vision of what a "real" Diner backglass might have been, had the machine historically had one.
 This is a genuine tempered-glass backglass, containing oldschool-silkscreened artwork taken from the translite,
 with custom mirroring added.  Since this is not a paper poster print, this silkscreened artwork on glass will
 appear as shown below in this gallery - more dense and vivid inks - that will hold up when backlit.

Offered here in Canadian dollar.

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