COMBINED SHIPPING FOR SMALLER PARTS: As you can see this site does not support a Canada Post API real time shipping program, as I found it to be inadequate on calculating smaller bulk purchases.
-Therefor, on most larger items you will see a shipping fee once added to your cart. You may notice many of the very small items will not have any shipping fee attached; as I'm concluding they will be added to your larger items at no additional cost.
-What it boils down to. If your purchasing a mix of small parts, the shipping fee charged at check out will likely be incorrect.
---FOR EASTERN CANADIANS (ON,QC,and beyond) I offer a $34.00 National flat rate pack that measures 15-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 2-1/2", and can hold up to 2.9 pounds.
---FOR THE WESTERN Region (BC,AB,SK,MB) this same pack will ship for only $27.00
These packs work great for smalls, but if you add any larger &/or heaver items such as plastic sets, lift channels, flipper bases etc., then I will have to custom box your order, and the flat rate pack pricing is out the window.
So, there are a few ways to handle the checkout process for bulk purchases:

1) Pay the posted shipping rate. Once your order is packaged, a refund for the shipping overpayment will be issued. In a very few cases a top-up payment may be required prior to item shipping
2) Print out your shopping cart list, scan it and email to me I will then provide you with the correct shipping charge.
3) Call you order in to (306)955-6636 It's best if you fill your shopping cart, and print the list before you call!

-PAYMENTS FOR PARTS: A 2.5% discount will be applied to your entire order if you choose to pay with "Online Banking Email Money Transfer"
Yes you can pay with Paypal, but no discount will apply.
Keep in mind some items Must ship individually to prevent damage, and will not be added to the combined shipping process.

SHIPPINGFOR LARGER ITEMS: Any item purchased weighing less than 30kgs (66lbs) will be shipped with Canada Post Corporation (CPC).
Any item destined to the USA is turned over at the border to USPS, they will then become the end carrier. All shipping rates quoted are for ground service only. If you require faster service (air) a general rule of thumb is add 1-1/2x the posted rate.
All items ship with a track scan on departure & arrival, with limited in-transit scans.
Tracking can be viewed at Canada, and at once they have received the parcel.
All item ship insured.
TRUCKING-GENERAL FREIGHT: All larger items will ship general truck freight.
All machines are blanket wrapped, shrink wrapped, blocked onto pallet, strapped down, then covered with cardboard, and shrink wrapped again.
  As pictured, a custom wood crate is built for any highly collectible (or on request) older removeable back box, to keep the glass safe.
It is blanket wrapped, and shrink wrapped before being slipped into the crate.
My crating pallet fee is $150.
Any freight quote supplied is from terminal to terminal only.
Added fees are charged for residential delivery, and/or power tailgate use.
Any “showpiece / highly valuable” pinball shipped general truck freight, should have added insurance purchased.
This can usually be purchased through your homeowners policy.
Insurance provided by trucking companies never pay out, so never rely on it!

If you live in the USA a border broker is required to get the machine across your border. I no longer subscribe to an annual border bond, so you will have to secure your own broker to facilitate the transaction. If you insist on having myself do it, I charge $595.USD (most of which is dispersed)

PAYMENT: I accept Paypal on check out for any balance totaling $350 or less. Any total over this figure will have to be concluded with another method. To keep costs down, (both mine and your's) credit cards are not accepted. The following payment methods are accepted:

From within Canada: Online email bank to bank money transfers (Interac)
                                    Bank Draft or Check
                                 Cash on pickup
                                 Bank to Bank wire transfers
                                 Western Union

From outside of Canada: Bank to Bank wire transfers
                                         Cash on pickup
                                         Western Union

Questions:  call 306-955-6636

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