My in shop labor rate is $50 per hour.

In-home inspection labor rate is $75 (1 hr. min.), with a $20 vehicle fee attached.(within Saskatoon only) The in-home service is more of an inspection to determine if the issue(s) are minor or major. If minor, many times it can be repaired on the spot. If not, the service fees are still due.

Pick-up fee is $80 each way providing pinball is at ground level. If stairs are involved pick-up is $140 each way.(within Saskatoon)
Many times I will offer a flat rate to complete the jobs, that way you know your costs up front.

Playfield topside and underside rebuild, as described in "Our Restoration Process"

--For older single level playfields without ramps $650+ parts
--For newer & older playfields with ramps, and/or multilevels $950 + parts

The rates above do not include any of the following services: Playfield paint touch-ups,  lamp insert repair, mylar removal, or plywood damage. These types of repairs will be quoted on a per job basis, once I see the playfield.

Add automotive clear coat to either of the above $399.00
Complete cabinet rebuild, re-paint, re-decal, as described in "Our Restoration Process"

--Older painted cabinets with the standard base coat, and two secondary colors; including stencils, paint, clear coat, and all body work.... $1990.
--Newer pins with decals, or silkscreen, decals and bodywork included....$1990.
--All cabinet metal removed, sanded, polished, and replaced $449.
--Exterior cabinet metal powder coated :
--Stocked colors $490. --Non stocked color $690.
Circuit board repairs and upgrades. If this is all that's being serviced, rate is billed by the hour. 
If this is being done in conjunction with a playfield rebuild (highly recommended)....$490. + parts.

Rebuilding / restoring any older pinball is always a unique process, as each one has different requirements based on extent of previous play, repair, and storage record. If you have a pinball you are unsure about call me to discuss what may need to be done. The rates above are designed as a reference point. Complete restorations covering playfield, cabinet, and board sets, could come in lower, or higher, depending on the pin's existing condition.
Remember from "Our Restoration Process" do you want a Player, a Showpiece, or Both?

If you are looking for a certain pinball title, and I don't have it I can offer to source it through 30 years of contacts, from within the industry.
--$125... I could then broker the deal for an additional $250..


I do long or short term leasing, and renting of pinballs, or arcade games.
Due to insurance coverage I only rent to business locations.

Pinballs leased by the month are at a flat rate, depending on their age. You have a key, and keep all the cashbox earnings.
--1984-1991.... $125. per month
--1992-1997.... $175. per month
--1998 to present $250. per month (with a 1 year lease)
--60-in-1 Multicade $75 per month

Under this arrangement, you pay for all parts, and I cover all repairs. You also need to have the unit covered on your insurance policy.

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